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7 benefits of working with a local real estate agent in Ontario

7 Benefits of Working With a Local Real Estate Agent in Ontario

Posted By: Rachel Kavanagh

September 28, 2023

Whether buying or selling a home in Ontario, you want a real estate agent who knows your neighbourhood. Here, we list seven benefits of working with a local real estate agent when selling or buying Unionville real estate.

1. They Understand Local Amenities


Unionville real estate agents understand local amenities and can recommend the best neighbourhoods based on your lifestyle. Going with just any agent means you don’t have an inside scoop on the best amenities, streets and communities closest to the spots that will make your day-to-day life easier and more fulfilling.


Local real estate agents leverage the amenities close to your home to help build a more desirable picture of the lifestyle buyers will enjoy. It also helps to attract the correct type of buyer. 

For example, suppose your home is close to charming historic Unionville. In that case, they can target couples who enjoy going out for dinner, drinks and local cafes instead of families who might want to be closer to parks, recreational centres, libraries, etc.  

2. They Understand the Market


When buying, you want a real estate agent who understands fair market value. They will ensure you don’t overpay for a home and use the best negotiating strategy to make intelligent offers that local homeowners are more likely to accept.


When selling, you want to list your home at the best price to optimize your profits while not being so high that you chase away potential buyers. During the offer process, a Unionville real estate agent will advise you on when you should accept the offer based on going rates and popular terms.

3. They Live Locally


Local real estate agents don’t just deal in local real estate; they also live in the community. As a result, they understand the area and can advise you of the best neighbourhoods for your needs. 

Whether you are a young couple looking for a condo, a young family interested in the best schools, or a couple downsizing for retirement, an Ontario real estate agent can direct you to the streets and areas suited to your lifestyle to ensure you are happy once you settle in.


Living locally means your Unionville real estate agent understands the strengths and weaknesses of your neighbourhood. They know what to expect regarding the types of buyers you will encounter and little details like what those buyers are looking for. 

This knowledge helps your agent stage and market your home more effectively. They’ll know trends to improve your home’s curb appeal and have intimate knowledge of the market to understand how long you can expect your home to sit on the market. 

4. They Have Connections


A well-connected real estate agent often has access to opportunities an outsider wouldn’t. This inside knowledge might be knowing when a property you are interested in is “coming soon” via the local grapevine. 

They might also have access to off-market listings where sellers have decided for personal reasons that they don’t want everyone and their uncle to know their home is for sale. 

Also, when buying a home, there are a million things you need to do before moving. A Unionville real estate agent has connections to help make your move easier, including recommending painters and interior designers, sharing the best take-out menus for moving day, recommending trusted lawyers and lenders, finding moving companies, etc. 


During the selling process, having a well-connected real estate agent can significantly affect how long your home sits on the market. They can reach out to agents who have expressed interest in your neighbourhood, street, or home type and arrange quick tours, often helping avoid the need for an open house. 

5. They Know Their Way Around


When you see multiple listings in one shot, you don’t want to drive aimlessly around complicated street grids because the agent has never been to your town. 

You want someone who knows their way around, can point out amenities on your travels, and will get from home to home using the most direct route. 

It’s small, but it makes a difference, especially if you are new to the area.


It might be as simple as showing up for a meeting with the best cup of coffee in town or letting you know about a street festival nearby that might make it difficult for people to attend your open house. Knowing the city makes things a little easier. 

6. They’re Involved in the Community


Working with a real estate agent involved in the community gives you a better feel of what life in town might look like. They can recommend local events to attend to experience life in the area firsthand. 

They’ll also be able to introduce you to people like coaches of local sports teams for your kids, religious leaders to help welcome you into the community, and in some cases, maybe even help with finding a local job.


Being involved in the community keeps your real estate agent’s ear to the ground so they can find possible leads. They also know the best marketing methods for the area and understand the types of people who want to live in your area to create more targeted marketing for tremendous success. 

7. They’re Nearby When You Need Them


If you want your real estate agent to set up a last-minute viewing, meet with you to discuss challenges, or generally be available when you need them, they should live minutes away. If you hire someone outside the area, it will take longer to do everything. 


Ditto for sellers. It’s all about convenience and knowing your real estate agent is there when you need them. 

Real estate is a location-based industry where knowing an area is the bread and butter for agents. By hiring a local real estate agent who lives and works in Unionville, you’ll have the edge of working with someone with intimate market knowledge.

If you are buying or selling Unionville real estate, the experts at Benczik Kavanagh have the local experience you need to meet your real estate goals. Click here to set up an appointment with our team or give us a call at 905-477-7766. 


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