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Houses and Properties for Sale in Stouffville


Stouffville is a great location for both first-time home buyers, and established families offering a range of homes for sale from condominiums to rural properties. You will find that the most common homes in Stouffville are detached and town/row offering 3 or 4+ bedrooms. Nearly 50% of the total houses available today were built after the year 2000. The average sale price for all types of home in Stouffville is $1,347,398. Read more about the community of Stouffville.



Known for its scenic hiking trails and golf clubs, Ballantrae is a neighborhood in the center of rural Stouffville. With the inclusion of gated communities such as the Ballantrae Golf and Country Club, this neighborhood offers well designed bungalows while maintaining an eco-friendly environment. 

Musselman’s Lake

Musselman’s Lake is a community northeast of Stouffville, named after the lake that the community is built around. There are a variety of homes offered in the area and this tight-knit community is a family friendly place with many forms of recreation. 

Rural Stouffville 

With its vast forest and farmland consisting of small subdivisions of homes, Rural Stouffville is a beautiful part of the greater town of Stouffville. This area not only provides a healthy mix of greenspace and communities, but also contains a multitude of community centers and conservation parks for entertainment. 

Downtown Stouffville

Offering the perfect blend of small-town charm and big city amenities, Downton Stouffville is a friendly neighborhood to live in. This suburban community consists of a variety of homes ranging from detached homes to condominiums. Visit Main Street for a colourful mix of shops and restaurants. 

Cardinal Point 

Cardinal Point is a newly constructed neighbourhood in Stouffville, consisting of a multitude of condominiums and townhouses. This area is a walking distance from Main St. Stouffville while also residing near a beautiful ravine, making it an ideal suburban community.


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