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9 tips for selling your ontario home fast in a competitive real estate market

9 Tips for Selling Your Ontario Home Fast in a Competitive Real Estate Market

Posted By: Rachel Kavanagh

August 30, 2023

Whether there are tons of houses on the market or not enough buyers, selling becomes much more complex when you’re up against stiff competition. 

Here, we share nine pro-tips from leading real estate agents in Ontario to help sell your home fast in a competitive real estate market. 

1. Price Your Home Strategically

Strategic pricing is always important. However, in a competitive market, not having a realistic grasp of your home’s worth is catastrophic. Finding the ideal listing price that attracts buyers while ensuring you get a fair market value or preferably above asking for your home requires a thorough assessment, research and market knowledge. 

Choosing a real estate agent in Ontario who knows your neighbourhood ensures they will list your home at the right price to help you stand out without the risk of losing profits. 

2. Stage Your Home to Sell

The competition calls for a stand-out home that buyers want. In comparison, most real estate agents understand the importance of preparing a home for viewings, but not all understand what appeals to the particular buyers in your area. 

Staging isn’t just about some well-chosen and well-placed pieces of furniture. It’s also about understanding your target buyer and staging the home to appeal to them. 

Creating a home that people aspire to own, instead of simply making the most of the space, takes staging to the next level. Buyers feel an undeniable need to put in an offer and pay above asking without blinking an eye.

3. Use an Aggressive Marketing Strategy

Your advertising has to scream “Come and see me” to potential buyers. Aggressive marketing considers the ideal buyer and ensures all marketing materials align with that persona’s wants and needs. Aggressive marketing also tackles all available avenues, including local ads, social media, and online ads. 

It would help if you had a savvy real estate agent in Ontario who understands real estate marketing and doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all formula. 

With a customized marketing strategy, you combine the strength of proven methods with personalized details designed to sell your particular home style to the right buyer. 

4. Bump Up That Curb Appeal

The moment a buyer walks up to your home, they make a split decision regarding how they feel about your property. Because you only have a few seconds to make a first impression, your home has to be primed to set the right tone. 

Curb appeal takes effort. You need to ensure everything about your home shows pride of ownership so buyers trust that the house is in good condition. 

You want to trigger emotions that help people envision owning this home on this street. Its little touches, like a beautiful urn at the front door, a neat street number, an immaculate lawn, a modern light fixture, a snazzy door handle, and an attractive door colour all work together to draw attention to your home. 

Curb appeal creates a warm welcome instead of conjuring up visions of weekends pulling weeds and peeling away chipped porch paint. 

5. Show-Stopping Images

Because most buyers start their home search online, you need show-stopping professional real estate images. An experienced real estate agent in Ontario provides a virtual tour, floor plan, and still images, allowing buyers to tour your home from their computer or phone and enticing them to arrange a visit. 

A professionally produced virtual tour leverages the latest technology, including drones for impressive overhead shots, a dramatic approach to the property, and an entry with impact. 

Focus on exceptional decor details, providing a feel for the spaciousness of the home and its floor plan, leveraging natural lighting, and choosing a logical flow that takes people through the house as if they were there. 

6. Detailed, Intriguing Property Descriptions

Although pictures are worth a thousand words, buyers still want a quick property overview. However, understanding how to provide detailed, intriguing property descriptions without getting too wordy is challenging. 

With limited attention spans, many people today will get impatient if the details they need aren’t front and centre. 

An expert real estate agent in Ontario composes property descriptions that are to the point yet have enough enticing details to help buyers make quick decisions to learn more instead of moving on. 

7. List at the Right Time 

Listing at the right time isn’t always possible, but it makes a big difference. There are a few reasons for this. First, you get your home listed when buyers want to buy. As a result, you avoid sitting on the market too long. Second, choosing the best day of the week can provide a competitive edge. 

Timing it right makes your listing stand out as something new and exciting. Your real estate agent in Ontario also has the advantage of waiting a day, so they can consider listing prices and make real-time strategic pricing decisions.

8. Be Considerate of Buyers

Selling a house is a bit of an inconvenience. You’ll have buyers parading through your home, and not always at the ideal time. However, if you are considerate of buyers and make it easy for them to come at a time that suits them, you have an edge over owners who weren’t quite as accommodating. 

In other words, avoiding delays in people touring your home reduces the number of competing homes they see before yours. Also, making buyers feel welcome creates a better experience they associate with your home. 

9. Leave Emotions Out of It

It’s hard not to be emotional during the selling process. After all, this was your house, and you put much effort into making it feel like home to you. However, it would be best to keep emotions out of it, so you can make intelligent decisions. 

For example, if a buyer makes an offer and insists you throw in your brand-new stainless steel appliances, emotions might tempt you to say no. However, by keeping emotions out of it, you can agree to the terms, sell faster and get a better price. 

Choose the Right Real Estate Agent in Ontario 

Whether you’re selling your home for the first time or the fourth, the benefits of working with an expert real estate agent in Ontario cannot be overstated. At Benczik Kavanagh, our realtors have the industry knowledge and tried-and-true experience to assist you in making a quicker, more profitable sale.  We will work with you to ensure your home has every advantage in today’s competitive market. 

If you want to enjoy a quick sale in a fast-moving market, get in touch with us online or give us a call at 905-477-7766.


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