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Advantages of Buying and Selling Through the Holidays

Posted By: Rachel Kavanagh

December 20, 2018

Advantages of Buying and Selling Through the Holidays – When it comes to buying and selling homes through the holiday season there are many advantages. Most agents will recommend to their sellers that once the holidays roll around it is time to take your house off the market and give it a break until January. They might even recommend to their buyers to wait until January when there is more to choose from. However, the holiday season could be the best chance to buy or sell a home.

If a home has been on the market for some time, sellers may become tired of preparing for showings. Many sellers are just exhausted with the constant cleaning and keeping everything in order. This means that inventory drops and there is less competition. Take advantage of this and be one of the few properties to choose from.

In some of the more micro markets, such as detached homes in Stouffville, the market is leaning more in favor of the buyers. This means that there is more supply than demand. Generally, if a buyer is interested in a property, they would not have to compete against anyone else, making their offer more desirable.

Since many of the houses that remain listed throughout the holidays have been listed for a while, the sellers may be more willing to negotiate on price. Price reductions often occur around this time of year which could result in a great deal for a buyer.

December is generally a slower month for showings and transactions. The weather, holidays, and other items often interrupt people’s lives. With this being the case, sellers are often more open to negotiating and motivated to sell because of the decrease in activity. Buyers can leverage this and use it to their advantage.

During the holiday’s people are busy enough with other errands that generally they would not spend time looking at houses for fun. Individuals who are booking appointments to see homes are serious, qualified buyers. With generally a lower level of inventory, those homes that remain on the market stand out more and capture the attention of those serious buyers.

The holidays often stir up feelings of family, cosiness and being at home. Sellers can tap into that emotion and create a warm welcoming feeling that embraces the buyer as they enter. Let the buyer imagine themselves living in the home you are trying to sell.

For some, the holidays could mean more flexibility in their schedules. Often individuals will take more time off work making them available to view available properties. Also, not everyone celebrates the holidays season in the same way. Those individuals look at this as quiet time off.

Remember, there is a lot of upside to keeping your home on the market during the holidays. Don’t let the holidays keep you from finding your dream home or getting your home sold.

* Advantages of Buying and Selling Through the Holidays written by Benczik Team Realty

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