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Top 5 ways to amplify your backyard experience this summer

Top 5 Ways to Amplify Your Backyard Experience This Summer

Posted By: Rachel Kavanagh

May 13, 2022

TOP 5 WAYS TO AMPLIFY YOUR BACKYARD EXPERIENCE THIS SUMMERThe time to sit back, relax and enjoy a cold glass of iced tea in your backyard has nearly arrived, and our team is excited to share the top ways to amplify your backyard experience this summer. Naturist styles have been the latest buzz this time around, and we have compiled a list of the top 5 ways to amplify your backyard this summer. 


  1. Plant your herbs
    • Adding a variety of herbs to your backyard promotes healing, healthy living, and can motivate you to add a mint leaf or two to your drink. Dont forget to incorporate some fresh herbs when cooking, and try some new cooking styles with your fresh h
  2. Combine geometric designs with elemental shapes
  3. Build a split level
    • Thinking of adding some work to your backyard? Why not consider building a split level. Different levels help to zone areas and present a wonderful opportunity to play around with materials. Steps leading to terraces create focal points and a sense of journey and discovery,” SOURCE: (show pic of backyard at 78 the fairways)
  4. Plant your flowers and add your bird feeders
    • Enjoy some company this summer by planting some fresh flowers and incorporating bird feeders to your backyard. Homes and Garden recommends planting pollinators in your backyard for the following reason, “​​‘Concentrate on what the bees will benefit from: early-flowering, nectar-rich bulbs and perennials, such as crocus, Geranium phaeum and Helleborus niger; there’s often a shortage of food for pollinators early in the year,” SOURCE: \
  5. Incorporate brick designs
    • Last but not least, incorporating brick designs and mortar to your backyard makes it that much more picturesque! Homes and Garden interviews a designer Henrietta Murray-Wicks where she takes the using bricks in a backyard provides an accent to certain features and keeps it consistent with the overall material palette. (pic?) SOURCE:

The warm weather is just around the corner, and it’s time to act fast to get your backyard oasis ready for the summer!

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