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Why people are moving to stouffville

Why People Are Moving to Stouffville

Posted By: Rachel Kavanagh

February 22, 2022

Why People Are Moving to Stouffville – Just outside Markham lies Stouffville. What was once a small Ontario town has quickly become a vibrant community on the outer layer of the Greater Toronto Area.

Why are people moving to Stouffville?

A home in Stouffville offers proximity to Toronto, Markham and other GTA workplaces, while maintaining a community spirit, providing suburban amenities and yielding a relatively good value in housing.

Whitchurch-Stouffville’s ‘Country Close to the City’ Lifestyle

One of the fastest growing municipalities in Ontario, the formally named town of Whitchurch-Stouffville – affectionately known as Stouffville by locals – is seeing a boom in two demographics moving in.

Many newcomers to Stouffville are in the 20-35 age bracket, while a sizeable group of 55+ are also moving here.

“Young families are moving here, and older people are choosing to retire here because Stouffville still has a small, quaint feeling and is close to amenities,” says Stouffville communications director Glenn Jackson.

Indeed, Stouffville’s motto of “Country Close to the City” rings true in many ways.

Connected to Toronto by GO train service and excellent road & highway infrastructure, your Stouffville home will also be surrounded by bucolic countryside.

Housing in Stouffville – From Newer Developments to Established Communities

Stouffville has been around for over 200 years, founded in 1804 by Abraham Stouffer. It’s been incorporated since 1877, though as recently as the 1970s it was a sleep town with 5,000 inhabitants.

With this history comes an established community, and housing options that range from historic properties to new developments.

Over the years, as the GTA has expanded north and east, Stouffville found itself on the radar – and on the map for families, couples and singles who were looking for a quieter place to live while maintaining ties to nearby Markham, York Region and Toronto.

Looking for a larger parcel of land? Stouffville homes are a great option, giving you ample space between your neighbours and yet close to amenities and connected by a community ambiance.

For those seeking single or semi-detached homes as you’d find in nearby communities such as Markham, for example, Stouffville’s recent development boom means you’ve got a good supply of relatively new housing stock from which to choose.

These days there are even townhomes and low-rise condos on the market, meaning you’ve got the whole array of options for homes in Stouffville.

Maintaining the Small-Town Vibe & Warm Ambiance

In Stouffville you’ll find a lovely and vibrant Main Street, a place where residents shop, eat and gather for a good time and a sense of togetherness. Stouffville is the kind of town where people know and greet one another by name.

Stouffville also has excellent schools, first-class recreation facilities (including some great golf courses in the area!) and a network of outdoor trails for hiking, jogging, cycling and more.

Imagine having all of that, and still being in close proximity to Markham, York Region, Toronto and elsewhere in the GTA.

How the Benczik Team Can Help Find Your Dream Home in Stouffville

That’s why a growing number of people – from younger families to mid-career professionals to retirees – are choosing to call Stouffville home.

To incorporate Stouffville in your GTA home search, contact Benczik Kavanagh Real Estate Team today!


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